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Uncategorized OGTV – Day 4 1/2 – It’s a white-out
Uncategorized OGTV – Morning of Day 4 – Prepping for Paint
Uncategorized OGTV – Bright and Early on day 3 Progress report and plan after 2 days.
Uncategorized OGTV – Progress Walkthrough – Day 2 (ish) Im through about 6 cumulative hours of demo and prep.  Had some surprises, but overall pretty happy with the progress…
Uncategorized OGTV – Day 2 – Rolling with the punches. Where in the heck did the hardwood floors go???  
Uncategorized OGTV Day 1 – Discovery Day Now that i have the keys, I can officially start to do some destructive testing… Hardwood Floors uncovered
Uncategorized How to remodel video series Day 1 – Getting the Keys One thing i had a hard time with was the execution.  I’ve had the plans and dreams for years, always thinking, but i was in what in known as Analysis Paralysis.  I would over think many opportunities rather trusting my preparation.  My plan with this Video series is to take you through, from start to […]
Community Information Celebrating New Year’s Eve off the Beaten Path Because big parties with crowds, expensive cocktails, and massive fireworks shows aren’t the only way to ring in the new year.   The holiday season is in full swing, and the year (and the decade!) is almost over. If a big party is not your scene, you’re not alone. Some of the most fun and […]
Newsletter Monthly Newsletter: November 2019 – Quarterly Economic Update   I am pleased to present the third-quarter 2019 edition of the Gardner Report, which provides insights into select counties of the Western Washington housing market. This analysis is provided by Windermere Real Estate Chief Economist Matthew Gardner. I hope that this information will assist you with making better-informed real estate decisions. For further information […]
Community Information Holiday Tree Lighting Celebrations   Kick off the holiday season with a community tree lighting celebration. Thanksgiving falls late on the calendar this year, so the Christmas festivities will be right on it’s heels. Some of these celebrations start as early as the day after Thanksgiving! The bigger celebrations feature Santa’s arrival, and most of the communities will have […]
Newsletter Monthly Newsletter – October 2019: Dual Market, Transitioning from Residential to Condo   Last month, I did an analysis on the new phenomenon of a dual market. A dual market is when you have different market conditions within the same overarching real estate market. This duality presents amazing opportunities for sellers who are also buyers, depending on where they want to go. I reported on two dual […]
Quarterly Market Trends South King County Quarterly Market Trends – Q2 2019 Increased pending activity is an indication of strong buyer demand which is very much being driven by historically low interest rates, a thriving job market, and an overall strong local economy. In fact, interest rates are an entire point lower than they were a year ago! This affords buyers a price point that is 10% […]