More About Me

Before you purchase or invest in Real Estate you need to know your Why, as Real Estate is so much more than just buying or selling a property. The process of purchasing or selling a home or investment property should come from both extensive research and an internal longing—this is how you find your “Why.”

My experience has put me in an amazing position to truly be an asset to my clients. After owning and operating a home inspection business and looking over and under more than 4,000 homes, I felt that I had a great understanding of homes and systems. Because of this background, I now can offer an experienced eye for my clients, helping them make sounds decisions.  To get to those 4,000 plus homes, I traveled from Canada to Oregon; from the western islands over to Eastern Washington. When comparing neighborhoods and values, that firsthand knowledge from such a wide assortment of areas helps me empower my clients’ decisions, whether they’re buying, selling, or simply exploring options. My passion for travel has even taken me beyond the Washington Real Estate arena, giving me connections and a large referral network all over the globe for you to tap into!

No is never the final answer when facing a challenge or obstacle. Some recent clients of mine didn’t get a home they had originally offered on, but we had submitted our best offer and we stayed the course. Although they did not get that home at that time, we were ready when the next opportunity presented itself. When this home came back on the market three months later, our groundwork was already laid and we were ready to make a quick decision and capitalize, successfully obtaining their dream home! If you want to own a home, I will do everything in my power to help you obtain your desires within your budget – but let’s lay out the groundwork and get prepared first.

My passion for Real Estate often keeps me awake at night, sleepless with thoughts and ideas for helping my clients achieve their dreams. I don’t know where that passion came from… maybe it’s the hunt for a good deal… maybe it’s the feeling of truly helping people make a better life for themselves and their loved ones… I’m not really sure, however, I do know that I enjoy the journey immensely.

I’d be happy to help you prepare your groundwork and put you in the best possible position for success with your Real Estate needs. Let’s find your Why and get started!